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Büşra Poshor

tattoo artist from Istanbul


For Büşra, tattoos mark a transition in her life. Before, she was working as a psychiatrist in a hospital in Istanbul, with constant stress and sometimes more than 32 hours. She started to get tattoos herself to help her during that hard time in her life and was invited by the tattoo artist to spend some time at his studio. There, she met Çağdaş, the co-owner of Noqta Studio, where I met her today for a photoshoot. “He was like a Sensei to me,” she says and talks about living in two parallel worlds for a while, “working as a doctor in the morning and tattooing in the evenings”.


Büşra draws inspiration for her tattoos especially from natural effects, such as water drops, waves and smoke curling into the air. This is the motif she is most known for – smoke meandering along a body part. Often, her clients come with a picture of a burning cigarette which she then turns into an abstract piece. But Büşra wants to become even more abstract with her designs. Being inspired by free hand artists, she prefers having the freedom to create the art directly on the skin: “In abstract art, everything is okay, everything works. Abstract art belongs to you and is completely you.”


“There is a difference between people in Istanbul and people here in Berlin,” Büşra
says. “When I send a design to a customer in Turkey, they send it to all their friends and I get so much feedback from so many people about my art. Here, they trust me as an artist and we develop the design together in the studio.” For her, the biggest reward is the person’s feeling when checking themselves in the mirror with the new tattoos: “Design makes someone more beautiful, more confident, more sexy, more complete.” Similar, to her former job as a psychiatrist, it is her motivation as a tattoo artist, to make people feel better.

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