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Tuğçe Özbıyık

colorful tattoo artist from Istanbul


Tattoo artist Tuğçe worked at Noqta Tattoos in Berlin again for the second time when I had the chance to meet her in person. As @chroma.tatt on Instagram, Tuğçe is known for her colorful and playful tattoos.

Her tattooing journey started after graduating in painting and design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and working as an interior designer for a few years in Istanbul.


For Tugce, there is certainly a parallel between interior design and tattooing: "I think the profession of interior architecture has a connection with tattooing. Listening to people's needs and wishes and designing living spaces for them and turning people's ideas into illustrations and tattoos are similar to each other. The basis of both is to look through their eyes and interpret their ideas."


Her tattoo designs are inspired by nature and the colors of everyday life: "I think colours contribute to the fun of tattoos." The reason she prefers colors to the otherwise usual black ink, is, that they are such a constant element in our lives: "Colours are with us everywhere in our daily life, at home, at work, in our clothes, in nature, in our environment. I think colours have a great power and influence in designs." Because she uses colors in her designs, 90% of her customers are women, she says.

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