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Cem Kaya

Film maker, editor, writer

current documentary: Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm (Love, D-Mark and Death)

Cem Kaya über ErinnerungskulturMaviblau Podcast
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Cem Kaya, born 1976 in Schweinfurt works as a film maker, writer and editor. Together with my collegue Serap from Maviblau, I met him in his place close to Berlin Südkreuz, where he invited us for home made breakfast and a long talk about his current documentary “Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm”.



Cem studied communication design at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart and produced an experimental short film "Do Not Listen" as his final project, using mostly found footage material.

2010, he published his first full-length documentary called "Arabesk" about music in Turkey. Now, “Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm” can be seen as a follow-up film about the development of Turkish music in Germany.


His so-called archive room, where we recorded the podcast episode, is full of nostalgia and pop-culture, old film classics on vhs and rare music finds on cassette and vinyl. Working with found footage, he says, is like digging for gold: it's a lot of boring work but from time to time, you find something really exciting, interesting or valuable.


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