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Filiz Sieben

hand poke tattoo artist and

co-owner of Noqta studio in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin


Filiz studied Middle Eastern Studies and Art History at the University of Freiburg in Southern Germany before she became involved with Istanbul’s art scene and played an active part in an EU-funded project to support artists in Turkey. After spending several years working and living alongside tattoo artists, she learned how to tattoo herself. She practises a technique called hand poke, meaning that she tattoos without a machine.*



Together with her partner and fellow tattoo artist Çağdaş, she just opened up her own studio Noqta in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Here, they invite guest artists from different countries, predominantly Turkey, to make their art visible in Germany and to provide a space to share their (post-) migrant perspectives and art.

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Filiz also diy-ed the kitchen counter and took care of the aesthetic outlay and interior design of the studio. For transparency reasons, I feel like I should also share, that I am working together with her in the studio and on projects by Maviblau e.V., a cultural platform for (post-) migrant perspectives and art.


* Self-description borrowed from the studio's website.

Filiz' Instagram:

Noqta Studio's Website:

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